• Why You Should Be Using Natural, Non-Toxic, Aluminum Free Deodorants!!

      If you found your deodorant has any of these ingredients in it, then you should consider switching to a more natural version. Here's why...    Let Them See You Sweat!  Aluminum = Antiperspirant   The main wetness protection ingredients in antiperspirants are Aluminum based. Aluminum and its derivative salts are known to accumulate and create clogs in pores in the underarm area inhibiting or reducing wetness and odor. Odor...
  • Winter Skincare Tips - Do's and Don'ts for Beautiful Skin!

      Salvage your seasonal skincare dilemmas with these do's and don'ts for your best skin during the dry, winter weather.  Winter weather usually means low humidity in the air, cold, blowing winds and a lack of sunshine and increase in pollution. These factors can have a huge impact on the skin and especially the skin on the face due to increased exposure to the...
  • How to Make a Soothing, Herbal Hot Toddy!

       This enhanced cold & flu home remedy combines the traditional blend of Lemon, Honey and your favorite spirit (optional) with the ancient soothing and healing properties of Chamomile. Perfect to soothe the symptoms of colds, flu, sore throats or anytime you just need to get warm, relax and feel a bit cozy.  How To Make A Traditional Hot Toddy Recipe! A classic stays a classic...
  • Is Your Traditional Lip Gloss Poisoning You? Find Out What Lipstick Is Made Of

      When nutritionists and doctors tell us to eat only natural ingredients, and to avoid ingredients you can’t pronounce—take a moment to think what is in your lip gloss. Unknown to most consumers not using natural lip makeup, the chemical based lip gloss products they purchase contain unpronounceable names that can contain ingredients that are not only unnatural but may cause health problems. Natural...
  • Benefits of Spirulina

      Spirulina is a blue-green algae and one of the most notable superfoods around. It's been said that you can live off of nothing more than Spirulina and some form of carbohydrate. You can take it internally by tablet or add it directly into smoothies, yogurt or juices or incorporate it into your skincare and body care products.   What does Spirulina do?  Best for...
  • Stress & Skin Health- A Direct (and Indirect) Connection

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    Do You Know The Role That Stress And Emotions Can Play On Your Skin, Hair, And Nails? Ever notice that when you feel you are maxed out on the stress-o-meter, your appearance begins to suffer too? Hair starts thinning, nails become brittle, unexplained breakouts and inflamed skin become more visible. All of these physical symptoms reflect the mental state of your emotional well-being. Lowering...
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