Stress & Skin Health-A Direct Connection

April 9, 2011 at 2:19pm


Stress and Skin Health

Melissa David, Owner/Esthetician of Definitive Skin Concepts

 Do you know the role that stress and emotions play on the skin, hair, and nails? It is important to understand the direct connection between feelings and appearance. Ever notice that when you feel you are maxxed out on the stress-o-meter, your appearance begins to suffer too? Hair starts thinning, nails become brittle, unexplained breakouts, and inflamed skin; all of these physical symptoms reflect the mental state of your emotional well-being. Lowering your stress level today, tomorrow, and for the future will improve your health and the quality of life you choose to live.


As we know stress works in mysterious ways, especially when it comes to skin.  It seems as if rosacea grows more and more persistent with multiple shades of red showing up out of nowhere, acne lesions growing more inflamed and painful, and spats of fever blisters, psoriasis, and eczema seem to appear. The disruption of the skin’s natural oil to moisture content allows for irritants and allergens to penetrate more easily and create unwanted skin problems. At times, even overuse of products or products with poor quality ingredients can externally stress skin out and exacerbate the situation at hand.


Treating stress and skin health together will allow the skin to clear itself quickly and completely at a faster rate as sources of stress are slowly removed. Lowering your stress levels will allow the skin to function and look its best, reducing the over-activity of both the blood vessels and oil-ducts within the skin.


Even if we are stress it is important to remember this:

(Seems simple, but when we are stressed we don’t take of ourselves like we should)


  1. Stick to your skincare regime. Even if you lack the motivation to do so, wash your face before bed and apply an SPF every morning.
  2. Leave the situation alone. Stress alters the skin’s natural ability to heal itself. The urge to pick, scratch, or rub will only make things worse.
  3. Get your rest. The body needs time to recharge its batteries and perform cellular renewal.
  4. Eat healthy. Avoid the 4-6 cups of coffee and sugars. When the body is hormonally off balance these can further complicate the body.


It is proven that when one looks and feels their best, relationships between others from work, family, social life, and other personal relationships like marriage tend to be better. There is a balance we all must find between everyday stress and the distractions that occur. Coping and managing stress is not always easy, but with a positive mindset and determination to change one’s current situation can bring you a renewed sense of clarity and intellect and ultimately change the way you look at your life for the better.


To your health,


Melissa David

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by Wendy Marie

Great article. I needed this today :)