• Popular Physical Exfoliants for the Skin

      The skin naturally sheds dead skin cells from its outermost layer every 25-45 days, depending on age and other factors. One way we can assist the skin in the cellular turnover process is through mild exfoliation –aiding the shedding of dead skin cells to encourage the skin to create new cells. Exfoliation helps the skin with the regenerative process, by removing dead skin cells...
  • Popular Chemical Exfoliants for the Skin

    You probably already know you should be exfoliating regularly to achieve and keep a healthy glow, but with so many options, adding another step to your routine may seem all too daunting a task. If your skin has been on the drier, dull, or lackluster side lately, then it's time to drop that Apricot scrub and check out our exfoliation run down to avoid making mistakes...
  • Best Herbs and Natural Ingredients to Reverse Loose, Sagging Skin

    Trying to find the fountain of youth can be daunting, especially since aging is such a dynamic occurrence and can require multiple forms of treatment. We know that wrinkles and sagging occur when the skin loses elasticity, and when our bodies produce less collagen during the aging process. We posted  6 Tips to Firm Your Skin Naturally, in a previous blog where we shared treatments and...
  • 6 Tips to Firm Your Skin Naturally

      Loose, sagging skin can result from weight loss, pregnancy, and natural or premature aging. Most commonly we suffer from loose skin all over the body, although we may be most conscious of our stomach, face, neck, buttocks, arms, and legs.  When it comes to first impressions, most of us are concerned with the appearance of our faces, a part of our bodies that...
  • Natural Formula To Heal Acne & Other Skin Scars

      Whether you suffer from Acne or have suffered from other minor issues, we all end up with at least a bit of scarring on our skin. The amazing thing is that our body can repair itself, most rudimentarily by forming quick scars. If given a chance, our skin is capable of repairing and even building new tissue. A little help from natural, herbal...
  • Best Natural Products to Use For Acne

      Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is usually in good condition, but for some Acne can be an issue making it hard to concentrate on anything else. If you have suffered from Acne then you know how frustrating it can be and have probably tried multiple ways or products to treat it.   By definition, Acne is a skin condition...
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