6 Herbal Aphrodisiacs to Increase Your Sexual Wellness


6 Herbal Aphrodisiacs to Increase Your Sexual Wellness

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Many factors can contribute to a drop in one's libido. Illness, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies or even just the drain of everyday stress can create changes in mood and desire. Besides eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising and reducing stress, there are other ways to enhance your sexual desire, and herbs are a great way to start. 

Here are some more popular herbs used for many years to help increase desire, promote your intimate personal care, and everything else that comes after that.



photo of a maca root on wood-sexual aphrodisiac-www.rdalchemy.comMaca Root 
Also called "Peruvian ginseng," Maca is a folk remedy used to increase stamina, energy and sexual function. It is a cruciferous vegetable, meaning it is related to broccoli, kale, cabbage and cauliflower. It can escalate sexual desire, making it perfect for everyone who wants to maximize their pleasure. It also has a beneficial effect on sexual dysfunction especially in men with erectile dysfunction and menopausal women. Find it in: Men's Libido Support Extract

photo of ginseng root on wood-sexual aphrodisiac-www.rdalchemy.comGinseng Root
Besides increasing stamina and energy, Ginsengs are also terrific stress adaptogens, allowing one's body to adapt to and decrease the negative effects of stress. Often made into a tonic, it has been used to increase sexual wellness and as a therapeutic route of treating male reproductive disorders. It can potentially help increase sperm count or treatment-related fertility in healthy individuals. Find it in: Energy Max Extract 

photo of muira puama bark-sexual aphrodisiac-www.rdalchemy.comMuira Puama Bark 
Muira Puama Bark is a Brazilian herb that is mainly used for erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction in women. It is ideal to support women’s libido and help men who suffer from sexual performance problems. It helps with blood flow and heightens energy levels and libido, leading to longer periods of pleasure during sexual activity. Find it in: Women's Libido Support Extract

photo of yohimbe-sexual aphrodisiac-www.rdalchemy.comYohimbe 
Yohimbe is a popular men's libido enhancing herb that contains compounds for erectile dysfunction. It is responsible for the creation of a pharmaceutical medicine called Yohimbine which was popular prior to the advent of Viagra. There are many men’s libido support extracts that contain this powerful herb, however it can cause high blood pressure and anxiety so it is recommended to be used under the guidance of a professional. Find it in: Men's Libido Support Extract

photo of fo ti-chinese herb-sexual aphrodisiac-www.rdalchemy.com



Also known as Ho Shou Wu, this Chinese herb is known for being a longevity tonic increasing vitality, stamina and also popular as a hair tonic for growth and color. In fact, it has traditionally been used to restore black hair, hence its translation of "black-hair Mr. He." When used over a period of time, Fo-Ti can help with erectile dysfunction and re-establish sexual desire. Find it in: Intense Hair Repair Deep Conditioner

photo of damiana-mexican herb-sexual aphrodisiac-www.rdalchemy.comDamiana
Damiana, a Mexican herb also known as Turnera diffusa, can enhance female sexual function via active constituents that have progesterone mimicking qualities. Along with traditionally being used to help with urinary and bladder concerns, it has also been used as an aphrodisiac to boost sexual stamina and arousal. 


Enjoy the power of mother nature to enhance your sexual desire and wellness. You and your partner will love the positive effects that these natural aphrodisiacs can have on increasing sexual pleasure. Start boosting your libido now by incorporating these herbs into your routine! 


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