Why You Should Be Using Natural, Non-Toxic, Aluminum Free Deodorants!!


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If you found your deodorant has any of these ingredients in it, then you should consider switching to a more natural version. Here's why... 


Let Them See You Sweat!  Aluminum = Antiperspirant  

The main wetness protection ingredients in antiperspirants are Aluminum based. Aluminum and its derivative salts are known to accumulate and create clogs in pores in the underarm area inhibiting or reducing wetness and odor. Odor is caused by bacteria that live on your skin which normally feed on your sweat, breaking it down into acids. So when there isn't much sweat, there won't be much to feed on and thus little odor. When used occasionally on individuals with healthy immune systems, aluminum based antiperspirants won't normally pose much health risks. But when used daily for many years they could cause potential health issues. Aluminum derivatives can stay in an underarm pore for up to two weeks. So even if you stop using it temporarily it can still be contributing to health issues. 





image of sweat ducts in the skin-perspiration graphic-www.rdalchemy.comYour body is designed to release toxins and metabolic byproducts via multiple pathways including perspiration. If you block these toxins or byproducts from being released, they can accumulate in lymphatic tissues or other surrounding tissues causing potential problems, some of which are potentially linked to cancer. As much as it may be embarrassing to "let them see you sweat" it's actually a very healthy and beneficial bodily function. As an aside, aluminum is also the ingredient responsible for turning your expensive white blouse yellow. So unless you have an important interview or are planning on giving a speech for your best friend's wedding, leave the aluminum antiperspirants in the drawer and let your pits breathe a bit and use an odor reducing, natural deodorant instead.


Natural Should NOT Just Mean Aluminum Free

Unfortunately a sneaky way companies get people to use their "natural" deodorant is to just take out the Aluminum and call it "Aluminum free". The consumer thinks it is a natural or healthier product, however their deodorant could still have many harmful, toxic ingredients. Most common are propylene glycol, synthetic/harmful preservatives and synthetic fragrance. These ingredients have been known to cause skin irritation and have been linked to other health issues. Individuals under a lot of stress or with a weakened immune system, liver or lymphatic system may not be able to properly metabolize and clear out these toxins which could cause them to build up over time and possibly lead to other health issues. 

Your Underarms Are A Lymphatic Highway

Most people don't realize how important our lymphatic system is for overall health. Our lymphatic system helps to carry away and release toxins and byproducts from everyday cellular processes. Blocking our sweat glands from properly perspiring with Aluminum or repeatedly applying toxic substances every day for many years can cause issues with our lymphatic system in that area and is one of the main reasons to re-think your daily deo and try something better... or nothing at all. Keeping this area clearer and more free from unhealthy ingredients will help your body release toxins more effectively via sweat which can help the entire body function better and you won't be reintroducing toxins into your body that need to be metabolized and released. 

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Naturally Odor Free..Yes You Can Be.

There are ways besides applying antiperspirants and deodorants to reduce underarm odor. However these don't work for everyone nor every time.

  • Shaving or trimming hair - hair can absorb and trap odor and reduces the evaporation of sweat as it is released from the pore causing it to linger longer.
  • Washing Frequently - yes, seems simple but for some is not always possible. 
  • Letting your pits breathe in loose clothing or natural fabrics - some synthetic fabrics not only cause you to perspire more, but can create a worse odor. Clothing also traps odor molecules that only goes away with washing. Try wearing more tank tops or loose fitting clothing. 
  • Reduce spicy and fragrant foods like Turmeric, Ginger, Cumin, Curry Powder and Chilis - so great for the body but unfortunately their heavy aromatic chemical compositions can smell horrible on their way out. 
  • Reduce or avoid heavily processed/packaged foods, meats, sweets and other treats - unhealthy preservatives, food colorings, flavorings etc.. need to be metabolized and released and usually don't mix well with your natural chemistry. The more you eat and drink of these, the more accumulation and therefore the more the body has to get rid of. 
  • Reduce or avoid alcohol and drugs - like above, the more "stuff" your body has to metabolize and release the more odor it may create. 
  • Medications - similar to heavy foods, drugs or alcohol, certain medications can have an odd odor or excessive odor while your body processes it. 
  • Stress less and get your hormones checked - hormone imbalances including extra adrenaline produced from stress can cause extra odor. Excessive stress will also lead to more perspiration and therefore more chance for odor. 
  • Reduce detoxing or cleansing or just be aware when you do - simply reducing drastically or cutting out certain foods or drinks (or medication or even your stress) can cause the body to "detox" increasing odor temporarily. As the toxins are being processed and released most people will notice an increase of body odor for about 1-2 weeks. 

When All Else Fails...

Natural deodorants are not just a fad. There are many on the market and have been around for many years.  When buying a natural deodorant, you may have to try a few out to see which one will work best. Also don't expect a miracle in most cases because if you aren't blocking the pores (i.e. aluminum free) then it will be very hard to control all odor, under all circumstances, all day long, unless you re-apply. 

For best results, re-apply if needed throughout the day. Many natural deodorants will work for 24 hours, but if you do sweat more frequently then you will be sweating or diluting the natural odor fighters and therefore minimizing effectiveness. Remember, since you aren't clogging your pores with Aluminum, your own sweat will breakdown and dilute the morning's application and feed more odor causing bacteria.  And keep in mind If you are under excessive stress, using medications, detoxing or partying more than usual, you may need a bit more application to control the extra odor while your body clears it out. 


What To Look For In A Natural Deodorant

Free Of:

  •  Aluminum
  • Synthetic Preservatives (Parabens, Phenoxyethanol etc..)
  • Synthetic Fragrance - "Phthalates" (Parfum, Fragrance, Natural Fragrance Oils) 
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Triclosan 
  • Baking Soda (for those that are sensitive and get rashes from this ingredient) 

Preferably Contain:

  • Organic Herbal Extracts 
  • Pure Essential Oils
  • Natural Thickening Agents and or Emulsifiers
  • Natural Odor Absorbing Clays
  • Natural Preservatives 

If you're not sure where to start try some of the tips found here or try one of our natural deodorants found here.


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