• 3 Ways To Help Treat Sensitive Skin

    Soothe Your Sensitive Skin Your skin works 24-7, and it's not a job people always think about. Whether we're talking about exposure to environmental conditions or the stresses that life puts on us, sometimes we need to remember that skin works hard every day. It's exposed to external conditions like cleaning products, cosmetics, and possibly even the ingredients in your food. Stressed skin gets...
  • How to Make a Soothing, Herbal Hot Toddy!

       This enhanced cold & flu home remedy combines the traditional blend of Lemon, Honey and your favorite spirit (optional) with the ancient soothing and healing properties of Chamomile. Perfect to soothe the symptoms of colds, flu, sore throats or anytime you just need to get warm, relax and feel a bit cozy.  How To Make A Traditional Hot Toddy Recipe! A classic stays a classic...
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