How To Stop Hair Loss And Thinning

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Why Is My Hair Thinning? Why Am I Losing Hair? - Common Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss or thinning is a topic that many of us can experience at some point in our lives. While hair loss can be confusing, scary and often times affect your self esteem, it is important to identify the root causes(s) of your hair loss or thinning in order to go about proper treatment. 

Multiple causes of hair loss comes from within; from hormonal or Thyroid imbalances, stress, nutrient deficiencies and more. However, external factors such as using the wrong products or coloring, perming or straightening the hair can also be attributing to hair loss or hair thinning. 

The key to successful hair regrowth begins in finding out why you are experiencing hair changes and which treatment options are best for you. 

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Hormonal Causes of Hair Loss or Thinning

Women produce less Estrogen with age, which can lead to hair loss or thinning for women in their late 30’s to mid 50’s or commonly during menopause. Other sex hormone imbalances can also occur in other instances. For example, in those with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) they may experience higher levels of the androgen Testosterone and DHEA which can then turn into DHT, which is a hormone that is known to contribute to pattern baldness.


Thyroid Changes and Hair Loss or Thinning

When Thyroid hormones are either too high or low, this indicates Hypo- or Hyperthyroidism, both of which can cause hair loss. While Thyroid issues could sometimes go undetected, if you are experiencing hair loss it is important to get your TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) and your T3 and T4 levels checked along with others recommended by your physician to see if your Thyroid is functioning properly.


How Stress Can Cause Hair Loss or Thinning

When we feel either mentally or physically stressed, the level of the hormone Cortisol rises, which can lead to many symptoms including hair loss - so try to keep your stress levels low!


Vitamin D Deficiency and Hair Loss or Thinning

Low Vitamin D can be linked to autoimmune conditions including hair loss involving the immune system such as Alopecia Areata.


Other Deficiencies and Causes of Hair Thinning

Many deficiencies can potentially cause hair loss. For example, low Iron and Ferritin levels are linked to  Anemia which in turn can cause hair loss or thinning. Deficiencies in Biotin or other B vitamins have been know to be culprits as well causing hair loss and thinning but also can contribute to weak nails and skin problems. 


Can a Poor Diet Cause Hair Loss or Thinning?

What you put into your body can affect your hair, skin and overall appearance, so be sure to keep a healthy diet so your body can get the nutrients it needs. 


Inflammation and Hair Loss or Thinning

Inflammation can occur inside or outside of the body, both of which can cause hair loss. Inner inflammation may be due to an autoimmune response or even a poor diet to many other markers, while outer inflammation can include inflammatory reactions of the body or harsh products used on the hair and scalp like dyes or chemicals.


Can Medications Cause Hair Loss or Thinning?

Some medications have hair loss as a side effect, so be sure to check with your physician about the medications that you are taking.



Treatments for Hair Loss and Hair Growth

small brown glass via with dropperl-hair and eyelash extract-www.rdalchemy.comHair Health & Eyelash Extract: Healthy, beautiful hair begins from within. Improve hair health and growth with this all natural botanical supplement. Rich in Silica, Iron, Horsetail & Alfalfa to help strengthen and nourish hair to improve shine, increase growth and reduce breakage. Ginkgo increases circulation to the follicles while Rosehips and Siberian Ginseng provide additional vitamins, minerals and stress adaptogens to avoid hair loss from stress or nutritional deficiencies.

small clear glass vial with dropper-hair treatment serum-www.rdalchemy.comHair Treatment Oil Serum: A topical option is always a good idea to nourish and enhance the scalp and hair follicles. Our rejuvenating Hair Treatment Oil contains 5 organic oils of Jojoba, Moroccan Argan, Vitamin E enriched Rice Bran, Abyssinian, Coconut oil and Squalane from Olives to stimulate hair growth while relieving dry, itchy scalp. Massage 10-15 drops onto hair and scalp and leave in for 10-15 minutes then shampoo.

small brown vial with dropper-stress balance extract-www.rdalchemy.comStress Balance Extract: With stress being a common cause of hair loss, this extract blend combines stress adaptogenic herbs with anxiety crushing ones to ease your irritability and tension. Perfect for acute stressful situations that we all experience in our daily lives, this extract contains Ashwaganda and Ginseng to help balance your body’s normal response to stress.

small brown vial with dropper-thyroid balance extract-www.rdalchemy.comThyroid Enhancer Extract: An under or over active Thyroid can often lead to hair loss or thinning. In combination with healthier lifestyle and dietary changes, this extract can help achieve better Thyroid hormone balance for those with low (Hypothyroidism) levels. Herbal extracts rich in Iodine like Kelp and Bladderwrack assist to support proper Thyroid function. This extract is for those that may be noticing lower than normal Thyroid hormone levels, but not significantly low enough to require prescription strength medication.

small brown vial with dropper-adrenal adapt extract-www.rdalchemy.comAdrenal Adapt Extract: Our Adrenal glands help regulate stress and fight or flight reactions by producing hormones Adrenaline and Cortisol (the stress hormone). When under chronic stress, your Adrenals become overworked and depleted from being turned on over long periods of time. While chronic stress can not only trigger hair loss but also accelerate it, this holistic extract helps to support your body’s natural hormone balance and decrease negative symptoms of Adrenal fatigue from excessive stress. If reducing your current causes of stress isn’t an option, then this extract could be for you.


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