Ingredients 101: Behold the power of Peptides

November 5, 2011 at 5:13pm

As I explain to a customer that our Correcting Serum has 17% of 4 different peptides I can tell she isn’t quite sure what I mean by peptides and she isn’t alone.  After 7 years of working at a company synthesizing and analyzing peptides and 3 more years here formulating them into my skin care products I guess it’s about time I explain why we love peptides and what they are.

Basically, peptides are nothing more than amino acids linked together forming a chain. Or you can look at them as fragments of proteins. Some are produced naturally in your body and usually play a role in hormonal regulation. In cosmetics they are usually incorporated into anti-wrinkle creams. Most of the peptides that are developed for use in cosmetics are either going to relax the musculature via effecting neurotransmission, increase collagen production and/or repair the tissue. If you are looking for a cream that will help smooth out, relax and repair wrinkle formation plus improve skin tone and texture then look for ones with peptides. Research has shown that better results are achieved with products that contain them, however it also depends greatly on the overall formula, which peptides are used and at what concentrations. Below is a list of what peptides we formulate into our Correcting Serum. Order yours today and next time you hear about a product having peptides, you can smile and nod in understanding.


Main Attributes of Peptides


1.)     Collagen Production/Firming: These peptides are mainly known for helping to increase your skin’s ability to produce collagen which restores structure, firms and tightens.


2.)     Anti-Inflammatory/Repairing: Peptides that help to increase circulation, strengthen capillaries, repair cellular integrity and reduce inflammation will help to smooth and increase skin’s barrier function. Swelling, discoloration and inflammation are then reduced which ultimately helps to improve the overall skin texture, tone and wrinkled appearance.


3.)     Cellular Communication/Relaxing: Of all the peptides these I find most fascinating. These peptides can effect communication between nerves and muscles within the Dermal – Epidermal Junction (DEJ) in skin causing a relaxing or paralyzing effect to expression lines and wrinkles.  These peptides are famous for causing BotoxTM-like effects or some even being similar to the effects that certain snake venoms have on paralyzing musculature, but of course not to the same degree as the real venom protein would have.


Syn-Ake Peptide

Mimics the action of a "neuromuscular blocking compound of the venom of the Temple Viper."


Argireline / Acetyl Hexapeptide-8

Blocks the transmission of nerve signals which cause facial muscles to contract. Although non-toxic, the effect is similar to that of Botox but less pronounced.


Syn-Tacks Peptide

A combination of two peptides; Dipeptide-5 and Dipeptide-6 stimulate the production Laminin V, Collagen type IV, VII and XVII and Integrin at once. By increasing the production of these proteins the whole structure of the dermal-epidermal junction is improved.


Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5

Often referred to as synthetic collagen, because PTri-5 mimics the body's own mechanism to produce this youth-giving substance.