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  • Sensual Edible Massage Oil - Mint Zip
  • Sensual Edible Massage Oil - Mint Zip
  • Sensual Edible Massage Oil - Mint Zip
  • Sensual Edible Massage Oil - Mint Zip

Sensual Edible Massage Oil - Mint Zip

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Sensual Edible Massage Oil 4oz

  • Things getting a little DULL in the bedroom? Add edible massage oils and let the fun begin!
  • NO STRONG SMELL and NO strong aftertaste. Light, exotic scents get you in the mood.
  • Best NATURAL solution to take your intimacy to another dimension. Great for KAMASUTRA. No chemicals.
  • Benefits include easing muscle tension while moisturizing and soothing your skin. WON'T stain sheets

Our 100% Natural & Organic EDIBLE, Sensual Massage Oil is perfect for sensual massage and foreplay. Your edible, sensual massage oil comes in 4 erotic flavors and scents that get you in the mood and heightens your senses:

- Bay Rum Love 
- Juicy Citrus 
- Spicy Vanilla 
- Mint Zip

These exotic flavors and scents are not too strong or overpowering - with no strong aftertaste - which lets you focus on experiencing as much pleasure as possible!

The natural essential oils are perfect for you if you like light, natural scents with no harsh chemical smells or tastes.

Your perfectly blended natural, edible massage oil gives you just the right amount of slip and grip and easily absorbs into the skin without any greasy or sticky residue...PLUS, it won't stain your sheets!

Your Edible, Sensual Massage Oil only includes:

- Organic Rice Bran oil 
- Organic Safflower and Coconut oils 
- Organic Vitamin E oil 
- and pure Organic Essential oils

There are NO artificial flavors or fragrances.

Perfect for sensual massage. Couples will love the feel and scent as you add another dimension to your massage experience.

Massage all over body. The rest is up to you!

Organic Rice Bran Oil, Organic Safflower Oil, Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Organic Essential Oils.

100% Natural & Organic Sensual, Edible Massage Oil for Body. Essential oils perfect for couples & sex. Erotic flavors - sends the right message!

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