"I simply love every single product of yours that I've tried. I'm looking forward to using the Pumpkin mask!! Thanks and please send quickly!!" R. Stroud El Dorado Hills, CA

"AMAZING skin care line!!! I wouldn't pretend as most other products don't work with my sensitive skin. You can buy online too." L. Constance San Diego, CA

"I had one facial and it was wonderful! I have returned several times to get products - I have tried face washes, face lotion, toner, eye cream, etc, everything has been great and I like that it is natural, locally made, and reasonably priced". Renee D. San Diego, CA

"I've ditched my La Mer cream for their eye cream and the best thing is I get even better results for less than a third of what the La Mer cream costs". Daphne W. Los Angeles, CA

"My customers are loving it. The feel, the smell and the softness afterwards". Sharlene M. Eugene, OR

"Groupon brought the masses.. and I'm glad it brought me. I got a groupon as a gift, and I delayed on booking a treatment, so I ended up getting products instead.  And I have been pleasantly surprised:
- Anti-Aging Serum: A light serum that smells yummy and seems to work.  It's a sorta gel kinda thing, but doesn't leave a sticky residue. I believe in preventative maintenance, and this seems to work well.
- Night Repairing Moisturizer lotion: Fabulous night cream that smells as good as the serum.  With the cold winters of San Diego, my skin sometimes dries out, and this is perfect.
- Refining Mask: I use this about once a week, and it leaves my skin nice and tight.
All in all.. the products are of good quality and the above items range from $18-$35.  A little on the higher end I suppose, but I'm satisfied with the products.  Customer Service was excellent.  They were very helpful, 
and efficient.  I was in a bit of a hurry, so they moved me right along." Natalie G. San Francisco, CA

"After trying a sample my skin looked a lot less red and calmer." Scott D. Del Mar, CA

"the daytime moisturizer is so different from other sunscreens. It's so sheer that you don't even feel like you are wearing anything at all." Cindy P. Los Angeles, CA

"One of the best eye creams I have ever used" Sheryl L. Laguna Beach, CA

"The Nutrient serum is perfect to get my skin back into balance especially when I haven't been so good and have been drinking or partying too much. My friend calls it my hangover helper". Lisa K. Los Angeles, CA

"This is the first time I have taken the time to go on to yelp or any other site to right a review. I purchased two groupons from R&D in theory to 1) get a facial and 2) buy some product.  After purchasing the product I canceled the facial because I love the product so much!!!  I just used my second groupon to purchase more product! I have a new facial regime, starting with the daily cleanser (so nice it does not dry your skin out), the soothing toner, anti aging serum (in the morning), at night I use the daily cleanser along with the toner again followed by the brightening serum and repairing moisturizer.  I have been told recently (I have been using this line for a month now) that my skin looks brighter and fresh.  I love this product line and am sold on it. I just cant say enough good things about it, almost 100% natural, feels great, and provides results!!!! I will be a returning customer!" Brenda L. San Diego, CA

"I've noticed a definite difference in the crows feet of my eyes. They are not nearly as deep and noticeable as they were before". Julia F. Scottsdale, AZ

"Hidden gem in Little Italy! RD Alchemy is my best kept secret for radiant skin. I love their products, specially the "pimple eraser"(Blemish Pen) as my teen daughters call it. The staff at Alchemy is knowledgeable, 
friendly, caring, and super cute. Can't wait for their next special!" J C. El Cajon, CA

"The eye cream goes on so smooth and light and feels hydrating right after". Justine K. West Palm Beach, FL

"I was surprised but the Redness serum really does work." Rose S. San Diego, CA

"Tried their skin care line recently and absolutely love it! It's been only a week since I started using the products and I can already see a huge difference in my skin. Got the cleanser, glycolic toner, masque, eye serum, anti-aging serum, night time and day time moisturizer. I've used a lot of products in the past and these by far (or so far) are the best! Plus the fact that they are so reasonably priced for the quality of the ingredients makes it a huge plus! Can't wait to try one of their facials". Ginger C. San Diego, CA

"I want more! Please send me more of the Vitamin C serum. I just wish the bottle was bigger because I went through mine too quick!" Josephine T. Encinitas, CA

"It leaves your skin soft and smooth without being too rough or irritating." Crystal D. Ocala, FL

"Being a licensed cosmetologist for over 33 years, I've used the best of the best skin care lines and have been more than impressed with the Facense line. Not only do I get the results that I look for in a skin care line, but receive many compliments daily. " 
Christy P.- Cosmetologist, San Diego, CA

"The Acne serum is intense. It's strong and you can feel it working. At first it detoxed my face but then it cleared up and has kept it under control. It's the only product that has worked for me so far." Chris S. Los Angeles, CA

"It's so soft and light and sinks right in. It also doesn't leave your face oily"  Jessica L. San Diego, CA

"I found RD Alchemy through Groupon. They offered $100 worth of products or services for $20, which allowed me to try out a wide range of products, and now I am completely hooked. The products are natural, but effective, the prices are reasonable, and the employees are always incredibly helpful and nice to talk to.
Here are my personal favorites:   
1) Shampoo - I have very fine hair, so I need a shampoo that clarifies, but isn't drying. This is by far the best shampoo I've ever used. Their Kranion (mask and serum) products are also great. They provided me 
some much-needed relief when I experienced some temporary scalp issues due to a medication I was taking.
2) Cleanser and Toner - There are two cleansers; I purchased the milky version (better for dry skin). I use it in conjunction with the refreshing toner. Together they get my skin clean without overdrying.
3) Brightening Serum and Repairing Moisturizer - I got the Brightening Serum in the hopes that it would help fade some sun damage and acne scaring. The product contains 1% Vitamin A (Retinol), which takes 4-6 
weeks to take full effect. I have been using the serum and moisturizer for about 2-3 weeks and so far I am quite pleased with the results. It's helping to control my acne and heal some of the scaring. I can't tell if my 
sun spots have faded, but overall my skin looks refreshed. I have very dry skin and I was worried this product might overdry my skin or cause flaking, but it doesn't (which is quite a feat for a retinol-based product).
4) Blemish Pen - This product is great if you have one of those swollen, painful pimples. I use it at night to kill bacteria and reduce redness and swelling. By morning the pimple is noticeably smaller.
Bottom line: If you're someone who cares about using natural products, you can't beat RD Alchemy. For the money, it's the best value out there. I have tried quite a few of their products (not just the ones listed 
above), and 9 out of 10 times, I liked the product enough to make it a staple of my beauty routine. You can't go wrong!" Jacquelyn L. San Diego, CA

"The oil drops worked great on an old scar I had on my chin". Within a few weeks it was so much better even my girlfriend noticed". Jason M. Imperial Beach, CA

"Their vitamin c serum is the bomb. I've used it for about 2 weeks now and it really does work.. trust me I was sceptical, but am always willing to try anything that can work wonders :)  It worked on my face then I tried on my chest and it worked, now trying on my arms and hands lol. You gotta get you some its well worth it!" Maria C. San Diego, CA

"The repairing moisturizer is great! It has totally made a difference in my skin and heals blemishes or scars wonderfully". Jennifer H. Rosemont, ID

"The Hydrating masques is one of my favorites". I'll leave it on for hours and have even slept in it. It leaves my skin soft and dewy". Cathy A. Tucson, AZ

"I use the anti-aging serum every morning and it has kept by skin looking great!" Jennifer C. Carlsbad, CA

"I'm addicted to this oil! You can feel it working as soon as you put it on and I love the scent". Mena D. Boulder, CO

"The calming cream cleanser is like a spa in a bottle". Janet D. Scottsdale, AZ

"I've had deep wrinkles in my forehead for years and have tried lots of products. The correcting serum has really reduced the deepness of the wrinkles and made the rest of my skin overall look much better. I can't 
get enough of it"! Lisa P. Los Angeles, CA

".. also love the Intense night cream. Its like pure goodness in a bottle." Jackie M. Sacramento, CA

"Great new scrub! It's the perfect combination of creamy goodness and scrubby bits". Jennifer S. San Diego, CA