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3 Most Common Problems with Acne

Acne breakouts are no fun and dealing with them frequently or even occasionally can cause problems well beyond that basic blemish. We've identified the 3 main problems related to Acne, how it effects you and how to cure these common ailments.


Pimples | Zits | Cystic

The swollen, reddened, irritated bacterial or fungal Acne breakouts that appear all over or randomly. Whether frequent or occasional, blemishes of any sort can be painful, ugly and hard to hide.


Pockmarks | Keloids | Pigment

Keeping your complexion Acne free is only part of the equation. Blemishes can leave pigmented scarring , indentations (pockmarks) or raised scar tissue (Keloids), creating frustation and embarrasement post breakout for months or even years later.


Reduced Self-Steem & Confidence

Frequent breakouts and their leftover scars cause issues beyond the physical and are attributed to lowered self-steem, reduced confidence in social settings, embarrassment and depression.

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Using products especially designed for the unique needs of Acneic skin and when in combination without being too harsh or filled with toxins allows the skin to become balanced, healthy and clear. 88% of users see results within a few days and most will experience clearer skin within 2-4 weeks and be completely clear within 8-12 weeks.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, scarring and pockmars are prevented or reduced with an overall 92% improvement in skin tone, texture and reduction in the appearance of residual effects of Acne.

Your skin will become clearer, healthier and more in balance when using some or all of the Acne products. For more severe hyperpigmentation, try our Vitamin C line to help fade spots and deep scars.

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Bought for my boyfriend and his acne and the products work really well on clearing up his breakouts and I use some of them on myself too!Joani

Great product. I don't use much makeup, but have used two products for roseciatia, and your product works for about half price.Hope B.

Thank you. It really helped clear away my redness.Courtney F.

Clinical Quality

Trusted by Professionals Since 2003Are you a skincare professional or need help using the Acne for best results? Check out our Acne Control Facial Protocol to see the simple steps first hand. Whether used in a professional setting or at home, great results are possible!

Common Causes for Acne

Acne can be caused by a number of factors. Finding out which triggers may be contributing to a breakout is part of the journey to obtain clear, healthy skin. Some ingredients and foods can create more inflammation in the body, fluctuate hormones or create an immune / allergic response. Here are some examples:

  • Junk food or sweets -
  • Dairy and red meat -
  • Not drinking enough water -
  • Stress -
  • Lack of exercise and sleep -

Reducing stress, getting enough exercise to increase lymphatic drainage and circulation and sleeping well will help not only reduce flare-ups but also help heal and restore balance to the skin if you do. Medications, whether topical or internal as well as reproductive hormone changes can contribute and should be evaluated for possible adjustments if needed.

A vitamin deficiency or leaky gut can also be the culprit. Vitamins A, C, D and E are important for maintaining a healthy balance of nutrients for the skin and the immune system and a leaky gut due to inflammation can cause a host of symptoms, one being more frequent or severe breakouts. Therefore, taking vitamins and probiotics is important.. Finally, the products you use (or don't use) can be culprits either clogging pores, irritating the skin or throwing off the pH creating Acne breakouts. Checking to make sure you are using non-comedogenic and organic, natural products will help the skin be more balanced and help heal against everyday stressors.

When considering your Acne issues or even if you only get the occasional pimple, taking a step back to reevaluate your life and the foods, stress, sleep, medications, hormones and products can help clear up your skin without long-term treatment or breaking the bank.

How to Treat Your Acne

Treating Acne doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Most of the time, finding the triggers or culprits and making changes as needed in your routine or lifestyle can make a huge difference long before you apply any creams or medications. Try these tips first to treat your Acne flare-ups and if they don't work, then maybe it is a product issue and therefore, we can help.

  • Reduce or eliminate foods, even healthy ones like dairy, red meat or nightshades to see if you are allergic to any. Get an allergy / food test as well if needed.
  • Drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day to hydrate and flush the body of toxins, excess hormones and waste.
  • Take vitamins and probiotics if needed and check out your prescription medications for any adverse side effects.
  • Reduce stress and exercise frequently to keep your hormones in balance and to improve circulation, nutrient distribution and enhance lymphatic drainage. Be sure to wash well after exercising to keep pores clear!
  • Sleep well. Getting adequate, restful sleep is important to keep hormones running smoothly and to help the skin repair and heal.
  • Check in on your products and switch if needed. Besides using products that are less toxic, \ more organic and non-comedogenic thereby causing less irritation and congestion.
  • Sometimes, less if more: Reduce the frequency of harsh toners, treatments or products that can dry out or irritate skin causing rebound breakouts or more skin aggravation.
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