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3 Most Common Problems with Acne

If you've dealt with Acne, you know how challenging it is to find the right treatment. Breakouts are never fun and dealing with them can cause problems well beyond the basic blemish such as scarring and social anxiety. The best way to stop Acne, get clearer skin and keep it that way is to target the source rather than just the symptoms. YOUR breakouts don't just come from not washing your face. So what are the real causes of acne? That's what you need to know to properly target your condition, get fast results on day one, and lastly, you need something that solves your acne problems for good! Take our quick Acne Quiz to discover what's behind your breakouts and which products are the perfect solutions for you.

Pimplets - Zits - Cystic


The swollen, reddened, irritated bacterial or fungal Acne breakouts that appear all over or randomly. Whether frequent or occasional, blemishes of any sort can be painful, ugly and hard to hide.

Pockmarks - Keloids - Pigment


Keeping your complexion Acne free is only part of the equation. Blemishes can leave pigmented scarring, indentations (Pockmarks) or raised scar tissue (Keloids), creating frustration and embarrassment post breakout for months or even years later.

Reduced Self-Esteem & Confidence


Frequent breakouts and their leftover scars cause issues beyond the physical and are attributed to lowered self-esteem, reduced confidence in social settings, embarrassment and depression.

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