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Skincare Masks

Ancient Healing Clays Minerals from Mother Earth

Clays are one of the most ancient and powerful beauty products around. They are made up of an array of minerals and nutrients created deep within the soil. The natural minerals and different properties of clays help to detoxify skin drawing out impurities and toxins while promoting healthy, glowing skin. By enriching skin with beneficial nutrients, different clays are known to be wound healing, tightening and firming, redness reducing and exfoliating.  Ancient civilizations would apply red clay mud all over their bodies to help detoxify not only the skin by their whole bodies as well. Certain clays like Rhassoul are revered for its higher mineral content making their mark on beautifying the skin. Red Moroccan clay is well know for its inherent drawing and detoxifying abilities, while French Green clay is known for its firming. If you are looking to detoxify, exfoliate and beautify try out a clay based masque and see immediate results. 

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