Desincrustation Set

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Unsightly blackheads and clogged pores that need to be extracted gently.
Blackheads to be removed gently and easily without irritating or aggravating the pore and skin surrounding.
6 Product Complete Set

  • Complete set cleanses all skin types, exfoliates, opens pores for easier blackhead extraction, soothes redness and inflammation as it lightly moisturizes, heals and repairs damaged skin.
  • Reveals clearer, more refined skin tone and texture from blackheads.
  • Helps cleanse, detoxify, soothe and heal problematic skin.
  • All Skin Types | Acne Prone | Congested | Blackheads.
  • 99-100% Natural | Organic | Full Spectrum Extraction Technology.
  • .Set Includes - 6 Products for home or professional use.
A favorite among Estheticians, this Desincrustation solution skincare set is the perfect addition to your skincare routine or practice. Designed to help to open pores and soften plugs to make extractions easier and keep skin clear and healthy. Suitable for those with oily, congested, or acne-prone skin and can be used in combination with steam, ultrasound or Galvanic. Whether you use this in a spa setting or in your home, your extractions will be easier to perform thereby reducing blackheads and damage or irritation from extraction and your skin clearer and healthier.
Yellow dock | Turkey Rhubarb | Sheep Sorrel | Red | Cleavers | Chaparral | Burdock | Chlorella | Spirulina | Pau D' Arco | Ginger | Dandelion | Echinacea | Aloe | Lavender Essential Oil
  • CLEANSE - Use the Gentle Daily Cleanser to cleanse the skin from dirt and impurities leaving it fresh, prepped, and ready for extractions!
  • EXTRACT - A favorite among estheticians, the Desincrustation Solution is designed to help open pores and soften plugs to make extractions easier and to reduce blackheads.
  • SOOTHE - The all-natural formula of the Soothing Masque will soothe any redness and irritation that may come from post extraction leaving your skin feeling calm and clear.
  • TONIFY - After masking, the Gentle Exfoliating Toner works as a neutralizer to balance the skin's pH as well as gently exfoliate, soften appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce Acne.
  • REPAIR - A perfect end to an extraction skincare routine, the Redness Control Serum and the lightweight Repairing Moisturizer will work together to soothe, heal, and repair the skin, by reducing redness & inflammation and clearing the skin from wounds, scars & blemishes, leaving it nourished, rejuvenated, and under control.
Desincrustation Set
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