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  • Hope Emotion Potion
  • Hope Emotion Potion

Hope Emotion Potion

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Hope Aromatherapy Crystal Charged Oil 

Letting go of hurt and pain you believe in all possibilities.  

To hope is to dream, to believe is to see. One cannot move forward in this realm if there is nothing to move forward for. That is why the concept of hope is so important. Breakthrough past hurts and obstacles in your journey, reach deep into the past and let go of nuances that hold you back. Let the light, floral scents and heart opening essential oils of Lavender and Sweet Marjoram persude you into the future, while the intuitive, protective forces of Green Jade bring forth the powers of belief, the true strength of never ending hope. 

Crystal: Green Jade

Essential Oils: Organic blend of Lavender & Sweet Marjoram 

Aromatic essential oils activate scent receptors triggering feelings, mood changes and memories, while the healing powers of crystals charge the blend with their unique powers and ability to absorb negativity. Together they create a pathway for healing, change and transformation of your innermost emotions for all your life needs.

Roll gently over wrists, temples, neck and pulse points or use as a perfume.

Organic Safflower, Organic Coconut Oil, 100% Pure Organic Essential Oils, Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract, Crystals.

 Hope Emotion Potion

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