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  • CBD Oil - Dixie Stix 15gm

CBD Oil - Dixie Stix 15gm

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Natural Flavor - CBD Concentrated Stix 15gm 

Dixie Stix™ from Dixie Botanicals™ are 15G tubes of CBD Hemp Oil. Each tube contains 15% CBD for a total of 2250mg per tube. 

Naturally derived Cannabidiol oil helps to promote well being for stress, nausea, anxiety and more. 

Simply press the plunger to dispense a portion of the concentrated CBD oil until you reach the size of a grain of rice. Then either take with water or place under the tongue to absorb.

For even easier administration. This concentrated CBD oil can be dispensed and porportioned onto a piece a wax paper and placed in the freezer. When ready to administer your dose, just pull off one of the frozen portions and take as above. 


Hemp Stalk Oil comprising Cannabidiol Oil. 

CBD Oil - Dixie Stix 15gm

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