Our management team consists of scientists with backgrounds in Herbalism, Natural Product, Peptide & Cosmetic Chemistries along with In Vitro & In Vivo Pharmacology. They have worked on drug discovery and development of dietary supplements and pharmaceutical medicines as well as new synthesis and analysis technologies for cancer, metabolic disorders and inflammation. With over 55 combined years of experience they are excited to be apart of a new group focused on research natural products for potential candidates of supplements and medicines for neurodegenerative, autoimmune and oncology diseases as well as active ingredients for the cosmetic industry. 


Regina Di Silvestro, Chief Executive Officer


Ms. Di Silvestro became a certified Herbalist in 1996. She also founded RD Alchemy Natural Products; a natural product based personal care & dietary supplment manufacturing company. With a diverse background in Zoology, Anthropology, Pharmacology & Toxicology combined with over 18 years as a Natural Product/Peptide & Cosmetic Chemist, Regina brings a variety of science into play to create a dynamic research institution. Her experience includes natural product chemistry and cancer biology for two separate anti-cancer projects that evaluated the anti-cancer properties of medicinal plants, bacteria and fungi at the Southwest Center for Natural Products Research and Commercialization and Arizona Biomedical Institute respectively. She also was previously employed with Amylin Pharmaceuticals for seven years as a peptide chemist synthesizing peptides for potential pharmaceutical candidates for diabetes and other metabolic disorders. In 2003 she began her personal care and dietary supplement manufacturing and sales business; RD Alchemy Natural Products. She has developed over 300 products for her own line plus numerous others for contract manufacturing accounts. She is excited to finally see her efforts come full circle and come back to her love of research.


















 Lala Mamedova, Director of Chemistry

Mrs. Mamedova has more than 20 years experience within Medicinal/Peptide Chemistry. She has designed and conducted multi-step solid phase and solution phase syntheses of novel classes of compounds to support medicinal chemistry efforts on Thrombin and cancer related targets. She has worked for over 12 years focusing on therapeutic peptides and novel compounds for diabetes and other metabolic disorders. She is author and co-author of numerous patents and publications. 


 Jim Reynolds, Director of Pharmacology 

Mr. Reynolds has over 20 years experience within pre-clinical in-vitro/in-vivo pharmacology. He has held various positions from Head of Vivarium Operations to DMPK Scientist and more within such companies as Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Alliance Pharmaceuticals and Vertex. He brings with him multiple certifications as well as also being author and co- author to many publications.


Dr. Rudolph Cartwright, Advisory Board Member

Dr. Rudolph Cartwright, Neurosurgeon with over 30 years of training and experience treating patients with neurological disorders including trauma, stroke, and combined trauma with neurodegenerative diseases some of which include Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's, is currently the director of NewHealth Coaching LLC, a consulting firm, located in Carson City, Nevada. NewHealth Coaching LLC evaluates and coaches persons of all ages who are in need of strengthening their health, particularly those with the aforementioned neurodegenerative diseases.
A highly sought after lecturer, Dr. Cartwright spends his time developing health protocols for individuals globally via the internet and educating other health professionals and the public alike in avoiding lifestyles that do not benefit health.  Dr. Cartwright currently provides consulting via the internet for persons who are recovering from multiple sclerosis and in most cases recommends dietary supplements along with lifestyle and dietary changes in addition to or instead of the typical pharmaceutical options normally recommended to MS patients. Additionally, Dr. Cartwright is responsible for the research and development associated with a line of specialty all natural products that targets specific health concerns, mainly neurodegenerative in nature.  As an advisory board member with Alchemy Research Institute, Dr. Cartwright will be addressing the pharmaceutical, clinical and neurological effects and symptoms between neurodegenerative diseases and their pharmaceutical and dietary supplement treatment courses, outcomes and evaluations. Dr. Cartwright resides in San Diego, CA with his wife, Dr. Ceretha Cartwright.