For many of our customers that use our facial serums or makeup or our wholesalers, private labelers or contract companies we sell products to, you may have wondered from time to time about the special design of our airless bottles. Perhaps you noticed some of their pecularities like the little hole at the bottom of the bottle, the absence of a diptube or when the product is opened after it has been used completely, the amount of available space doesn't match the volume of product stated.

It may not seem like a big deal but product packaging and delivery is almost as important as the product itself. If your packaging has issues or delivers the incorrect amount of product then your customer could be using too much or too little of the product or not using it at all if the bottle doesn't perform correctly. With more and more of our own (and many other brands) using these special bottles we wanted to give you a glimpse into this exciting, newer technology and if you haven't used one from our company chances are you have from another or will soon. 

 so why Airless Bottles? 

Airless bottles were designed to reduce the amount of air exposure to the product. They are highly used in the industry and their unique design makes them more expensive than the standard pump bottle.

They contain a chamber or cartridge inside with a secondary air space section beneath. The small hole on the outside bottom cover, the secondary air space along with the pump create a vacuum allowing the cartridge to move upwards as more product is pumped out of the container. This continual evacuation of product (and excess air) allows any product to be pumped out evenly but not left to be exposed to excess air which increases oxidation and decreases shelf life.

Delicate active ingredients like herbal extracts, vitamins, peptides and more retain their efficacy longer since they are not being degraded as quickly by extra air left in the container. Many more natural formulas utilize these bottles as they increase shelf life of the product up to 15% and thus decrease the need for preservatives.

Another advantage of these bottles is the amount of wasted, unused product is considerably less. No more opening the bottle and trying desperately to scoop out the last remaining product left at the bottom of the bottle. These bottles will pump the product right up to the very top. 


  • decreases oxidation and degradation of sensitive active ingredients

  • increases product shelf life and reduces the need for preservatives

  • reduces any left over or unused, wasted product 

  • sleek design and highly desired in the industry


  • may require multiple pumps initially to remove the excess air at the very top of the bottle

  • volume can look deceiving especially to the uneducated consumer 

  • more expensive than standard bottles

This makes airless technology become the new future of cosmetic, beauty, and medical packaging. 

So, next time you're putting on your morning skin care or makeup routine or considering a bottle type for your own product line, consider using an airless bottle. Your skin and wallet will be glad you did and your customers will feel good knowing they are getting a much safer, longer lasting and reputable delivery package for your product.