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Pumpkin Love - more than just for great pie!

Posted: Nov 26 2014







Pumpkin Love - more than just for great pie!


by Kathy Estes



Used by the Native Americans as a food source to get through the long - cold winters, pumpkins where around long before European settlers. When they did arrive, the settlers would cut off the tops of the pumpkins, fill it with eggs, cream, honey and spices, replace the top and bury them in hot ashes to roast. Once roasted they would scoop out the contents for a savory and sweet treat similar to custard. 




When planting pumpkins, begin in either May or early June. They need 75-100 frost free days before harvesting. Pumpkins prefer lots of space to spread out and rich, well-drained soils to grow. They get very thirsty and therefore need lots of water, especially while fruiting. A pumpkin is ripe when it turns a deep orange (depending on the variety). After picking, let the pumpkin cure for about a week to allow the skin to toughen. 



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