The Year for You!
a monthly guide to a healthier and more beautiful you!

January: Beautiful skin is In! The cold winter months have taken their toll on 

your skin and have left it dry, itchy and raw. Not to mention the holiday stress and
overabundance of rich foods, have done their jobs contributing to breakouts and
dull, listless skin. Start off the year with a skin health overhaul. Exfoliate your
body to remove dead skin cells with our CutisynTM body scrub and masque, then
moisturize and protect to seal in hydration with our CutisynTM Serum and Body
Butter. Drinking extra water, getting plenty of rest and eating right will also help
improve your skin.
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Seminar Match: Skin and Hair Care Remedies

February: Payback time. About 80% of people will make exercise, losing
weight and getting in shape as part of their new year resolutions. By the time
February rolls around, working out and hitting the gym has most likely left your
body sore and stiff. Incorporate some stretching routines like yoga and drink
lots of water to help flush out all the lactic acid buildup. Getting a massage with
our MyosynTM Extra Strength serum is a perfect way to help reduce stiffness and soothe sore muscles.
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Seminar Match: Joint & Bone Health Remedies

March: Detoxify your mind and body! Spring is coming and now is the time for a little spring cleaning.
Detoxification has many benefits to your overall health. Improving memory, improved digestion and clearer skin
are just some of the benefits. Your immune system will function better and many common and more serious
ailments can be alleviated or improved by cleansing regularly. Detoxification can be as simple as incorporating
more fruits, vegetables and water into your diet while decreasing harmful foods to even more advanced measures
like fasting or doing an herbal cleansing program. For a more complete detox, add the EduceTM Detoxifying soak,
scrub, masque and massage oil or serum to your routine and experience the results!
Product Match: EduceTM Detoxifying Body CeuticsTM
Seminar Match: All About Detox

April: Balance, Balance, Balance. March may leave like a lamb, but that’s not so if you suffer from PMS or
menopausal symptoms. Keep your hormones balanced by eating right, taking vitamins, herbs and exercising.
Reducing caffeine and sugar will help reduce irritability and anxiety. Calcium and Magnesium help to balance out
symptoms and exercising reduces mood swings, irritability and anxiety. Taking phytoestrogenic herbs of Black
Cohosh and Dong Quai root will also help balance out menstrual irregularities and symptoms as will using our
StasisTM Hormone Balancing serum daily.
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May: Summer is right around the corner! Time to get those gams looking good and ready for swimsuit season!
Improve the appearance of cellulite and unsightly veins with a few tips and tricks. For cellulite; tighten and tone
thighs and hips with our VarixTM scrub, masque and serum, get a massage and camouflage dimply skin with a
sunless tanner. For spider and varicose veins; eat a diet rich in antioxidants, elevate your feet and legs as much
as possible and use our astringent and antioxidant rich VarixTM serum daily.