Favorite Things: Emotion Potions



Does your brain usually feel like mush by mid afternoon?

I remember I used to sit on an exercise ball in my cubicle and bend backwards until the top of my head touched the floor, just so I could get some blood flow to my brain. This worked until HR pulled the plug on me –apparently my afternoon inversions were a “liability.”

So I had to find another solution for the afternoon slump. Thankfully, I found “Think Quick” –an “Emotion Potion” made by R.D. Alchemy.

Emotion Potions were made to target specific chakras as emotional healing therapies. They contain a mixture of essential and grapeseed oils for aromatherapy, and healing crystals that work with one’s energy centers.

Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I roll “Think Quick” on my brow line, temples and pulse points to stimulate mental alertness and concentration.

There are nine combinations of Emotion Potions, which include:

1. Amor de Fuego –Enhances passion, romance and love
Target Chakra: Sacral

sweet marjoramCrystal: Carnelian

2. Child Care –Relaxes, calms and protects.
Target Chakra: Heart & Crown
Crystal: Green Jade

3. Down to Earth –Relaxes, reduces stress & grounds energies
Target Chakra: Root
Crystal: Garnet

4. Heart of Gold –Release loss, grief and brings in love
Target Chakra: Heart
Crystal: Rose Quartz



5. Rose Garden –Vibrant, sweet & fragrant
Target Chakra: Heart
Crystal: Rose Quartz

6. Smile –Enhances happiness, brightens and increases energy
Target Chakra: Solar Plexus
Crystal: Citrine

7. Speak Easy –Opens the throat and relaxes the vocal chords
Target Chakra: Throat
Crystal: Turquoise

8. Sweet Dreams –Relaxes and clams for peaceful sleep
Target Chakra: Brow and Crown
Crystal: Amethyst

9. Think Quick –Enhances mental alertness and concentration
Target Chakra: Brow
Crystal: Lapis Lazuli


I take “Down to Earth,” “Sweet Dreams,” and “Think Quick” with me while traveling. They help stimulate energy shifts; for example, the relaxing properties of lavender, sweet marjoram and sage in “Sweet Dreams” help relax and calm me for peaceful sleep.

“Down to Earth” includes geranium, rosewood, sage and patchouli, which reduce stress and ground energy. It’s perfect for anxiety, scattered energy and meditation.

Also, rosemary, peppermint, juniper berry and sage in “Think Quick” make it a perfect remedy for mental fogginess, forgetfulness and exhaustion.

I like R.D. Alchemy because not only is it committed to making natural products, but also the company is highly involved in researching natural products for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Emotion Potions are easy to apply because they have roll-on applicators under the cap. They also travel well because they’re small, so throw a few in your pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase whenever you leave home and you’ll be ready for any emotion that needs tending to!